• Won several awards in junior tournaments
(CJGA, MJT, BCGA) (2002-04)
• Runs the Junior Academy
• Competes in local professional tours
• Has Bachelor of Arts from UBC
• Fluent in Korean

Justin Min is a Class “A” Member of the PGA of Canada. Justin was introduced into the journey of golf at the age of 8 in Korea, and maintained his training even when he moved to Canada at the age of 12. He grew up as an elite junior golfer in British Columbia as he won several awards in BCGA, CJGA, and MJT events. As captain of his high-school golf team, Justin led his team to the BC Provincial Championship and achieved great success. Justin joined the PGA of Canada in 2008 at the age of 21, and at the same time, was able to successfully obtain a Bachelor of Arts from UBC focusing on Economics and Asian Studies. Since then, Justin has now instructed over 5000 hours of lessons to juniors, adults, seniors and a variety of groups. He can skillfully support you in becoming a stronger player and help increase your enjoyment in the sport of golf.

Justin’s philosophy is that golf is a tough game, and it will always be. Nevertheless, any person can have a great golf swing when they learn and understand it properly. A great swing does not a promise an easy game, but it certainly can help. A powerful swing comes from a smooth swing with good rhythm and balance, and it all comes from a simple swing. A balanced harmony with your body means a beautiful swing. A balanced harmony between your body, your swing, and the outdoors means great golf. All in all, Justin looks forward to helping support you in your journey in the sport of golf.